The Heirloom Top

Drawing of a young woman in polka-dot pants and a white blouse.

Photograph of a young woman standing in front of a deck.

Well, hello there. Long time, no see. Since this blog last churned to life, I have graduated from my Master’s programme, moved to Toronto permanently without even school keeping me tied to it, cut all my hair off, and sewed what seems like nothing. Or at least, I haven’t finished anything in a while.

It seems like a curse. I’m at my most productive when I am careening through a dozen deadlines and my life is heading off the rails–all I do is sew then. Right now, all is calm. It has been for almost a year. Somehow, I have to motivate myself to sit alone in my room and get through projects for hours at a time; that was the life! There’s so much to distract me, now: a cool new job, a walkable city, and a gig as a busker for the summer at the Harbourfront Centre by the lake. Let’s see if I can get some sewing done this summer, too!

This is an old project, but I finally got some real photos of it. My parents are moving, so my Easter visit may be the last time my childhood home is “mine” and not in a state of being packed up. I am happy to be letting go, because my parents are itching to roam and find a new town. I’ll miss my townspeople–all my museum ladies–and my familiar cycling haunts all along the lake and river.









What an Easter-appropriate blouse, though, right? It’s a frothy confection, with frills along the shoulders and lace everywhere. It’s almost like a practice go at Victorian-Edwardian insertions and frippery. I just bought some very fine white cotton to make a very Edwardian top with all the characteristic lace insertions and miles of tatting. My only trouble with it is that it creases very easily where the sleeve meets the armpit, and so I always looks dishevelled when wearing it. But it is easy to wear–so light and airy.


I did a lot of whitework embroidery all along the front. There’s a cute little Claddagh ring right above my heart. I guess I was feeling romantic when I was sewing it. Have I told you about my man cleanse?

Anyway, the top is entirely hand-sewn. It was all straight lines, so it was quick. What an heirloom, eh? The stitches keep snapping. Next time I’m using the machine!


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