The Better Blouse



Photograph of a young woman in vintage jeans leaning against siding.

My jeans are almost as tight as Bruce Springsteen’s!

I sewed this blouse back in 2015. The pattern is from a 1950s dress pattern that I used to sew my very first dress. Back in like, 2011. Don’t the years fly by!

Photograph of a young woman with short hair leaning against siding.

The dress is in my mother’s cedar chest because I cut the armholes too small and the waist too big, and I want a record of Baby’s First Sewing Stuff venture. But, in the search for a better blouse than what I was finding in stores, I figured I could improve on my earliest attempt after four years of sewing. Note the loose armholes. There’s nothing I hate more than my biceps looking like sausages in too-tight sleeves. I even measure my biceps earnestly, but always panic at the last second. I worry at the thought of throwing off the pattern and then cut it too tight. And then I can’t raise my arms above my head.

The only thing tight about this blouse is my REAL MOM JEANS. I spent the afternoon recreating the Born in the U.S.A. album cover.

Photograph of a woman with her back turned, leaning against siding.

The sleeves are made of cotton eyelet fabric, and bits of lace folded over itself to be double-layered. The back is one layer, but the front is a double layer of the cotton-poly blend so that my bra doesn’t announce itself at the same time as my shirt. Evidently, from the photos, I should be more worried about the back: a thought for next time!

My big “new thing” for this blouse was the little frog I made instead of using a button. Works great, even though I would love to hang big glittering rocks off the backs of all my sewing projects.

Photograph of a detail of a blouse--a frog clasp.

My style is starting to lean more towards Cher than Bruce.


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