The Cool Babysitter Top

dress 3 - Version 3


Colour photo of a young woman posing in front of a closet door in room with sewing projects hanging on the walls.

My grandmother’s never-ending stash of fabric continues to delight and surprise. She just keeps pulling bags of it out of her closet. Eventually, I’ll get around to mending a ripped seam on this really cool little skirt I made out of 40-year-old wool tweed from Germany; that might be my weekend project. Among a selection of remnants she gave me about four years ago was a length of this cool, blue, shiny, woven fabric. A fortuitous Vogue Patterns online sale then brought this little number into my life:


I need that hat. Those gloves. The bob. Everything.

I didn’t have enough fabric to make the matching skirt–I didn’t even have enough to line the yoke and sleeves with the fashion fabric. Ditto for the belt. The result is a bit of a crop top–I always either wear a shell underneath, or stick with high-waisted trousers and skirts. But that’s all small peas. This top is literally the coolest thing I own.

The dolman sleeves are very 30s. Someone at Vogue in 1933 was obviously caught up in the trend for all things Eastern. As far as sleeves go, dolman sleeves are relatively easy to sew. I left the top largely unlined, and just edged the hems with either with ribbon or a facing cut from some other fabric I had lying around.

000_0004      100_1011

It’s what my mother would call “a costume”, but I mean, it is navy, so it’s practically a neutral.

Colour photo of a young women posing in front of a closet door.

Thanks to Rebecca for modelling again!
You can keep up with Rebecca on Twitter at: @mecsbecs28.


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