The I-See-You-Staring Skirt

dress 1screenshotThis is another birthday post–though a little late. My best friend Rebecca recently had her birthday–happpppppy birthday! She had requested a skirt as her gift, and I was on the lookout all through the fall and winter for an appropriate fabric. I finally got a hot tip from my grandmother that the new Fabricland in the basement of Honest Ed’s was having a big sale, and picked up this very lunar stretch fabric.

Rebecca is an emerging professional Events Planner and Marketer, and her summer is filled with volunteering for every major festival in Toronto, while working two part-time jobs, completing her post-grad, and somehow also having an active social life. Her agenda is a terrifying thing. To say that she is a busy woman doesn’t quite express how on-the-move she is.

And, she does it all with style and grace. Being at least a head taller than me, she could literally be a model if she wanted to add another line to her resume.

100_0990           100_1006

Rebecca’s wardrobe is very versatile–from beaded gala gowns to breezy tunics. She looks good in anything, and can do the modern-retro look effortlessly. This skirt fits in as a smart, comfortable business-casual piece fit to dash around Toronto in.

Pattern-matching was my main concern. I am very pleased with how it looks almost seamless–I bought a little extra fabric just to make sure that I could line up the moons just so. It initially had more fullness in the gathers at the hips, but after doing a fitting with Rebecca earlier in the year, took them out because they were too full. The gathers cover little pockets. It is fully lined, but I need to figure out how to put in linings a little better–the stitching isn’t hidden, so it doesn’t look as clean on the inside as it does on the outside.

Time to complete: 4 movies
Pattern: original design
Fabric: stretch something or other from the Fabricland in Honest Ed’s
Failed skill: hiding the stitches in the skirt lining–luckily, it doesn’t show when the skirt is on
New skill: putting in a skirt lining

Thanks for modelling, Rebecca!

You can keep up with Rebecca on Twitter @mecsbecs28.


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