The Explore-the-City Vest

dress 3

I’m finally caught up on photographing everything I’ve sewn–all on a real digital camera! I will slowly be updating the previous posts; this is a seriously magic camera for a point-and-shoot, and I’m so jazzed at how the latest shoots turned out. Now if I can get my rear in gear and redraw/rescan all the sketches, I’ll really be looking “professional”.


I was scrolling through my previous posts, and I immediately noticed how many dresses and frilly garments I have sewn. This is not a good reflection of my wardrobe. Menswear, and androgynous and tailored garments are all of interest to me. I’m slowly building an Indiana Jones-inspired outfit, and if I could replace everything I own with Tilda Swinton’s red carpet looks I totally would. Half of my trousers are from the men’s section, even–I don’t have a proportional waist or thighs to my hips, so women’s trousers tend to gape or not have enough room in the thighs.

I only wear vests to look awesome. Obviously, my goal is to be Indiana Jones-level hot; why not dress like him? Little, useless pockets on vests annoy me–no pockets! That’s what a purse is for. I hate lumpy pockets. Down with pockets. 100_0909Before I started pattern-drafting, I basically made a list of things that I found lacking in my other vests:

  • too many lumpy, useless pockets
  • baggy back
  • missing fashion fabric on back, making it weird to wear without a jacket
  • missing darting to give shape to the front


I basically made a basic top pattern and then started slicing bits off. A side dart might have given a bit more shape to the front, but I didn’t want it to be too structured, just in case I do wear it under a jacket. I also like the looser fit.

It was a relatively quick project. The bound buttonholes were a pain, so I only did three buttons. Laziness wins! I did put in a lining, though, in a green acetate to match the buttonhole bindings. I got a huge quantity of mint green thread on sale for like 25 cents a spool, so a lot of projects in the next little while are gonna be minty.

Time to complete: two miniseries
Pattern: original design
Fabric: bargain-bin faux suede
Failed skill: I obviously wasn’t measuring too carefully when placing those buttonholes. Yikes.
New skill/Hidden stuff: Snazzy green lining. I need to start photographing the hidden stuff–I completely forgot to flash the innards during the photoshoot.


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