The Old-New-Something-Blue Dress



I tore a ragged hole in the knee of my favourite vintage dress in the early spring of 2013. I bit the dust outside my apartment when my foot slipped on a patch of black ice. It was a mess–I was covered in mud and I could see blood trickling down my shins from two badly skinned knees. I soaked the dress before the mud could stain it–it emerged pristine apart from the gaping hole in the skirt

I ended up patching it from the inside (it’s almost unnoticeable), but a lot of other little tears and spots of excessive wear were evident while I was mending it. It’s been through a lot–I bought it when I was 14 and wore it constantly up until I ripped it. I decided to sew a new version of the dress, so that I could wear the original on special occasions and have the replica for everyday occasions.

Then I found this great photo of my grandmother at my age:

nnaa 2 - Version 2

My hybrid dress is a little bit of everything, with the final touch being the eyeball buttons I found in a sewing shop on St. Laurent in Montreal. The colour was chosen based on a conversation I had with a friend about things we never had gotten around to asking each other–“what is your favourite colour?” doesn’t come up a lot in conversation outside of kindergarten introductions. I decided that I really like blue.

Woman in a blue dress.


Woman showing the back of her dress.


New skill: hand-bound button holes

Hidden stuff: the top of the skirt is bound with ribbon and hangs from a grosgrain ribbon waist-tape that is set into the natural waist of the bodice; the skirt is not otherwise attached to the bodice.

Next time: use a better fabric. This synthetic I got for ultra cheap at Fabricland in Montreal wrinkles and creases in an instant–I just ironed this baby and it didn’t even make it to picture-time without looking like I slept in it.

Woman in a blue vintage dress.

But…I feel pretty, oh so pretty!



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